lundi 24 octobre 2016

Signal @Soundtoys in Burlington, VT.

Excited to play in Burlington this coming saturday for Greg Davis' series Signal @Soundtoys at The Hood Plant with live projections by Guillaume Vallée.

I'll play music from "Neither" (Sicsic Tapes) and from "Transmission..." (Root Strata) as approuved by Charles Barabé (La cohu), and so, it should be a good night!

Oh, and it's FREE so hope to see you there!

samedi 1 octobre 2016

Westbrook / Davachi / Truchy

So happy to be part of this great line up with friends Byron Westbrook and Sarah Davachi at Casa Del Popolo on Wednesday the 19th of October. I'll take that opportunity to officially launch "Transmission in an Expanse of Firelight, Hear Me!" (Root Strata 2016). Guillaume Vallée wil provide visuals for my set and i'll turn 41 at the stroke of midnight... Should be fun!

lundi 26 septembre 2016

Great review from Boomkat!

"J.S. Truchy delivers a mind-melting solo debut for the always-excellent Root Strata".

Boomkat had great words to say about Transmission in an Expanse of Firelight, Hear Me!
Read below or go here.

Incredible solo debut proper by a core member of Set Fire to Flames, Fly Pan Am. Massive recommendation if you're into Ghédalia Tazartès, Jean-Louis Costes, Scott Walker...

Root Strata’s 2nd release of 2016 is an operatic, psychoacoustic dramaturgy animated by Montreal’s Jean-Sébastien Truchy, who is best known as a bassist for the city’s experimental rock firmament of the last two decades with roles in Set Fire to Flames and Fly Pan Am, beside a small but healthy corpus of solo work and low key collaborations.

We’d hardly expect anything less from Root Strata, but Transmission in an Expanse of Firelight, Hear Me! is quite astonishing; in parts as portentous as the title suggests, but also riven with quiet, spectral nuance and an eerie, plasmic, psilocybic presence that seems to shape the narrative’s fractal 3D mosaic of field recordings, urgent MIDI strings, and spiritually wounded vocals.

Comparisons are clearly waiting to be made between Truchy’s almost pre-cognitive visions of doom and despair and Ghédalia Tazartès’ unearthly mastery of avant-garde chanson, as much as the most tortured aspects of Jean-Louis Costes’ or Scott Walker’s purgatorial soundworlds, uniquely rending a history of musique concrète architecture at the service of strange, possessed and possessing songcraft which sounds as though it was channelled from a dimension very similar to our own, only much more warped and stalked by mythological creatures.

mardi 20 septembre 2016

Video for Transmission by Guillaume Vallée

Really excited to share this video by Guillaume Vallée for Transmission in an Expanse of Firelight, Hear Me! (Root Strata, 2016).
I remixed the album to a 6mins something track and he used 16mm, Super8, VHS, live analog video process to create this beautiful hybrid work with great colors, textures and superimpositions.

Jean-Sébastien Truchy - Transmission in an Expanse of Firelight, Hear Me! (remix) from Groop Index on Vimeo.

lundi 19 septembre 2016

200 words by Marc Masters

Marc Masters wrote a review of Transmission in an Expanse of Firelight for his 200 words series on The Out door where the artist is invited to also write a 200 or so word text on their record or whatever they choose. I wrote 172 words, Guillaume Valllée did a vidéo.

You can read it all / see it all here or just below.

Marc Masters - Transmission In an Expanse of Firelight, Hear Me! LP (RS102)

    I use the word “unpredictable” to describe music frequently, but there’s usually an imaginary asterisk attached. The surprise is often a matter of degree, a relative measurement: some work is harder to anticipate than other work, but it’s hard to call any music truly, purely, 100% unpredictable. Jean-Sébastien Truchy’s first full-length LP (after many strong tape releases) might not hit that 100% mark either, but it gets remarkably close - closer than anything I’ve heard in quite a while.
     Part of this comes from Truchy’s deft use of contrasts: loud vs. quiet, harsh vs. subdued, noise vs. melody, impulsive vs. considered, controlled vs. unhinged. Refreshingly, he’s also not afraid to hard cut between these poles, slamming disparate elements smack up against each other because who says they shouldn’t be? In this sense Transmission… hints at the psycho genre-jamming that Eye Yamastuka thrashed together with John Zorn, but there’s something more wide-frame and more naturalistic about Truchy’s juxtapositivism. I hear this most in his voice, a nakedly operatic instrument that gives the entropic wildness of this album a ripe humanity. If unpredictability is the origin of nature and the state it’s rapidly returning to, maybe there’s still room for us in there.
– Marc Masters

JS Truchy on Transmission In an Expanse of Firelight, Hear Me!

     I’m influenced by many things: music, literature, reception theory, emptiness, compassion, Buddhism, life, nature. Nature - by example, and the notion of emptiness have especially been a major influence.I try to look at sounds and structures as neutral elements that have not yet been categorized by preconceived notions, judgement and/or taste. Of course I fail at this as I am victim of my ego, still a prisoner of “taste”, filled with self-doubt and frightened by the judgement of others toward myself and what I do. Although I would like to pretend the opposite, I guess I’m not removed from the process of composition. Still, I try my best not to judge the juxtapositions I create. The music found on Transmission in an Expanse of Firelight, Hear Me! is a way for me of growing, of healing.  A way of looking at my faults and fears, confronting them, welcoming them, opening myself to everyone and hopefully becoming a better person. If it can help others at the same time, somehow, great.

vendredi 16 septembre 2016

Transmission in an Expanse of Firelight, Hear Me!

Transmission in an Expanse of Firelight, Hear Me! is officially out today via the ever awesome Root Strata. I'm so excited / honored to find myself among such great musicians and visual artists.

A big thank you to Bruno R. Julian who gave me some noise and Charles Barabé who did the art!

 You can order a copy at Forced Exposure, A Number Of Small Things, Boomkat or at your fav indie distro or local store!

mardi 14 juin 2016

Avec le soleil Canadian Summer tour 2016 !

Here we go! From Montreal to Vancouver B.C. and back, come join us at one of these events!

14.06.16 Sudbury, ON Speakeasy
15.06.16 Thunder Bay, ON The Apollo
17.06.16 Saskatoon, SK SASC HQ
18.06.16 Edmonton, AB The Needle Vinyl Tavern w/ The Besnard Lakes
19.06.16 Kamloops, BC Zack’s
20.06.16 Vancouver, BC The Biltmore Cabaret w/ The Besnard Lakes
22.06.16 Calgary, AB @The Palomino (Sled Island) w/ The Besnard Lakes
25.06.16 Gimli, MB Real Love Summer Fest 2016 w/ The Besnard Lakes & Tops among others...
27.06.16 Sault Ste. Marie, ON Gore Street Cafe
28.06.16 Toronto, ON Monarch Tavern